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May 26, 2018

I'm currently taking class with her and it's pretty good. Class is dynamic and fun. Only problem with it is that there are people who are bad at public speaking and, in my opinion, constant practice is key. We didn't have that. We had 5 presentations, all for points, 3 of which were recorded. Grading wasn't the problem because she considered it. The problem is those people still leave that class with "stage fright" and reading about overcoming it and actually overcoming it is VERY different.


May 18, 2018

She is great. I'm taking public speaking with her and I don't have anything bad to say. Her class is very dynamic and she brings her dog. BTW Be careful doing the speeches, she is very strict, overall great class.


Dec. 1, 2016

She is honestly the best English professor I have ever had. Public Speaking with her was amazing. Honestly I hated the quizes, but I studied the day before and did so well! She is funny, she is nice and very dynamic. She brings her dog to class sometimes and it's the sweetest thing! God bless the woman, she makes me want to wake up early and all. She is strict evaluating your presentations, but if you practice you will do very well.


Nov. 4, 2016

Esta profesora es un regalo de Dios. Ella hace que quiera ir a la clase a las 7:30am. Promueve un buen ambiente en el salon de clase y se ve que le importa mucho lo que esta haciendo. Y lo mejor de todo es que aveces lleva a su perro a la clase. Si tienes que coger Public Speaking, colega con ella. No es tan fácil pero vale la pena


May 19, 2010

Best English professor ever, she is pro-students and helps students to understand the material and really knows what shes talking about

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